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“You must always aim for the moon, because even if you fail, you’ll land in the stars” – Oscar Wilde

Today, Go to Cool School (g2cs) is the number one parent coaching and positive education resource in the United States with a community of over 250,000 Cool Parents. We offer online positive parenting and personal development coaching to help parents create a more serene daily life with their children. The focus is to ensure that everything that we do will help to nurture and grow their imaginations and minds, be it in a creative manner or in a constructive one. Either way, the hope is to make sure those children are in a better place than before, and that their parents are ready for the future.

The startup was created in 2017 following the success of a positive education blog by Celine Benassi, parent coach and author of the bestseller “Go to Cool School”. In 2 years, we have accompanied more than 10,000 online parents who have transformed their parental lives and seen a real difference in their daily lives. We were elected Laureate of the Entrepreneurship Network, and we’re so happy!

Our mission: to help every parent and every child reach their full potential!

Our ambition: to become the worldwide reference in parental coaching, and to meet all the challenges that a parent may encounter in their relationship with their child, their couple, their professional career, and themselves.