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Today, Go to Cool School (g2cs) is the number one parent coaching and positive education resource in the United States with a community of over 25,00 Cool Parents.

Celine Benassi

I try to educate and grow my children, but the truth is that they are the ones who educated me and made me grow. Trained in educational sciences and e-learning engineering, I manage the integration of articles in my blog g2cs. My goal: to create the best learning experience for your enjoyment! I am also a master of Excel spreadsheets and solving very complex technical problems, to serve you. This is my job and most of all my pleasure. I support and accompany you as you take small and big steps towards the best version of the cool parent in you!


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How to Make Your Child Learn Smarter

According to scientists, we are way smarter compared to our parents. A lot of studies performed around the world concluded that each year, the development and intelligence of a child[…]

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What Foods to Eat to Improve Studying

If you are a student like me, I’m sure you always try your best to understand, memorize, and receive new information given by your sources. If that is the case,[…]

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