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If you're a 7th- or 8th-grade girl who wants to learn more about computers and technology, and may even want to share what you already know with new friends, you will probably enjoy Girls Gather for Computer Science (G2CS). It starts with a four-week-long summer day camp full of games, projects, and field trips. You'll get to make your own videos, create a profile within the G2CS online social network, and spend a night with your friends at Seattle. Join us!


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G2CS needs certified middle-school teachers to participate in the summer camp and ongoing community. Teachers are invited to choose one of the four camp weeks and get involved as an educator and learner. Advanced skills in computer science are not required. Bring your interest in how technology impacts our lives, and your enthusiasm for nurturing girls down the path to success. G2CS offers perks such as a stipend and sub days. Check out the teacher section to learn more.


Parental and guardian encouragement,and shared excitement in a child's interests support a young person to try new things and develop self-confidence. This is especially true when it comes to girls pursuing coursework and careers in science. G2CS involves parents in many ways, including at the summer camp's opening reception and closing banquet, and on the G2CS web site. For more information, visit the parents page.

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