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Camp 2011

Watch as the campers from the first G2CS camp make robots, decipher secret codes, explore the guts of a computer, and take field trips to leading technology companies as they discover the world of computer science.

Video Profiles


Alysa once told her Dad that she'd "never, ever, ever have a job where she sat at a computer all day". But her discovery of computer science and how she could use it to help others changed all that.


In her profile, Emily provides a window into her world as a materials scientist, mechanical engineer, boss, friend, and blacksmith.


One degree was not enough for Lisa—two wasn't either. See what keeps her motivated at work and at home.

Jenny & Kayla

In their profile, Jenny and Kayla talk about how they compliment each other's skills as they engineer arbitrary waveform generators.

Heather & Dina

Heather and Dina talk on campus at Pacific University (their alma mater) about their passion for math, science, art, and the important work they contribute to on a daily basis.


Davy has always loved to build things, whether it's out of wood, wool, or one's and zero's.

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