2013 teachers & assistants


Amy Haberman

Cheryl Burnor

Cheryl Burnor graduated from Oregon College of Education, now known as Western Oregon University, where she earned her teaching degree. She taught grade school until she had children and then substituted until her two children were a bit older. Cheryl has a K-8 general education certificate, a Reading Endorsement and a Master's in Special Education. She has taught grades K-12 general and special education, and currently teaches at Evergreen Middle School. Some of her favorite classes to take have been the national Weather Service's graduate courses. Science touches so many areas of our lives! When she is not in the classroom, you might find her in hot yoga classes or working in her yard. She loves to cook! Her kids are grown now and she feels fortunate to have a two year old granddaughter who comes down from Kamloops to visit every month.


Amy Haberman

Christine Fledderhohann

Christine is a 6th and 7th grade Math and Science teacher at McLoughlin Middle School. Originally from Hawaii, Christine moved to Oregon to attend the University of Portland where she earned a Bachelor's and Master's degree in Education with endorsements in Elementary, ELL, and Math. Since beginning at McLoughlin, Christine has pursued her passion of bringing grade level content to English Language Learners in a sheltered classroom environment.

Amy Haberman

Jessie Bader

Jessie Bader currently teaches 8th grade earth science and physical science and Evergreen Middle School in Hillsboro. She earned her Masters in Teaching from Lewis and Clark College in 2005 and has taught science in public schools, along with a little computers, robotics, and mathematics. Before becoming a teacher Jessie studied at the University of Puget Sound and earned her Bachelor of Science in Computer Science. Throughout her undergraduate career until 2004 she worked in the high tech industry. Jessie loves to be outside. She is an avid kayaker, camper and hiker. Water is her favorite feature of the outdoors and she has coached teens to race kayaks, paddled with Orca whales, and her favorite place to visit in Oregon is Waldo Lake, the worlds second clearest body of water.

Amy Haberman

Kory Langley

Kory Langley graduated from Pace University with a Bachelor's degree in Science Education and earned a Master's of Science Education from Oregon State University. She has taught a variety of science classes in New York, Virginia, and Oregon over the past 13 years. Kory currently teaches Earth Science and Life Science at McLoughlin Middle School in Vancouver, Washington. She enjoys creating hands-on, thought provoking activities that engage student participation. Kory is excited about computer science and mentoring this year's students.

Undergraduate Assistants

Maria Violeta Blando

Maria Violeta Blando

Maria Violeta Blando

Anika Tobiason

Curriculum Assistant

Ashleigh Pinkerton

Ashleigh Pilkerton

Undergraduate Administrative Assistant

Julia Naumes

Aymie Agena

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