the camp

2012 schedule

Sunday: June 17

5:00pm - 7:00pm: Opening Banquet (Schedule)

Week 1: Hardware

Instructor: Stevie Viaene
Teacher: Shelly Frey
Intern: Mitxi


During week one, campers learned about computer hardware. They took apart a variety of devices—cell phone, computer keyboard, GPS, hair dryer, LCD Monitor.  They made Wikispace pages to share what they learned, multi-media content, and how devices work. Campers were taught how to take, edit, and upload their pictures to a computer, or to our social network, G2CS Friends. To get the campers ready for the curriculum of week two, campers learned about binary numbers and error detection and correction. Pairs of campers designed t-shirts to wear during field trips and everyone voted for the best design to have on our 2012 camp shirts!

Week one field trips were to Oregon Public Broadcasting (OPB) and Oregon Museum of Science and Industry (OMSI). At OPB we learned how to ask open-ended, leading question during an interview to get rich feedback. We also learned what goes into the making of a television broadcast by watching Geoff Norcross perform a news preview for Morning Edition! Campers explored the exhibits at OMSI and watched Tornado Alley at the OMNIMAX Theater.

Week 2: Computer Science Topics

Instructor: Shereen Khoja
Teacher: Deanna Blem
Intern: Suzanne

Week two of G2CS was full of exciting field trips to Flying Rhino, WebMD, Microsoft, Amazon, and the Computer Science and Engineering Department at University of Washington! At WebMD campers designed an application to encourage people to live healthy lives. FRABOOM, the website for Flying Rhino, is a live, interactive online children’s museum. There campers learned about turning cartoons into digital animations.

To begin our adventure in Seattle we toured Microsoft. “When we first went in, we spent the morning working on software on the Windows phone. It was called Touch Develop. It was SO COOL! I could make the phone do almost anything I wanted. I felt like a real programmer when I used it,” commented a camper. The campers and staff toured the Microsoft Smart Home, a futuristic version of what Microsoft thinks homes will be like with the advancement of technology. Campers also had the opportunity to talk to females working at Microsoft and get advice for the future.

At UW, campers toured the CS&E department, played a game, Light-bot, to learn about the programming language, and were given a presentation on current Computer Science research in the potential vulnerabilities in modern automotive computer systems. These topics were very similar to the curriculum covered during week two—Markup Language, HTML, Text and Image Compression, and Programming Language. Amazon gave us a tour of the buildings (and their awesome view of the Space Needle) and educated us on the inner workings of their website!

Week 3: Programming with Alice

Instructor: Gayathri Iyer
Teacher: Laura Ruffner
Intern: Micala


One camper wrote in her blog post, “The third week was the best, at least in my opinion. We were introduced to the programming language Alice, which is totally cool. We got to make our own programs and present them to each other. We also got to go to Vernier. We played with their LabQuests and made ice cream!”

The campers experienced making animated three-dimensional movies with the Alice program. Each pair of campers made a story line and animated it with Alice. The movies were themed around the Fourth of July holiday. Every presentation was very interesting and there was a high level of variety in the fifteen story lines.

Vernier Software & Technology hosted G2CS for a field trip. After the Vernier staff gave a presentation on hand dynamometers and motion detectors, we experimented with the Vernier technology and manipulating velocity. The LabQuest device tested the camper’s knowledge of velocity by displaying a velocity graph and having them try to reproduce it with their motion pattern and distance from the wall. Campers were also really excited when they got to ride the Segway and make homemade ice cream using temperature sensors!

Week 4: Robotics


Instructor: Pamela Harrison,

Teacher: Caitlin Nichols

Intern: Aurora

Week four camp curriculum was robotics programming! The campers were challenged to program their robots to shoot a ball when motion was detected, follow a straight line, and trace a circle using sensors. Campers chose between an alligator, humanoid, and shooter bot robots to put together, program, and present their programming skills. There were some very funny story lines to go along with the movements the robots were able to do!

“Finally, and much dreaded, the last week came too soon. We did robotics, and worked on a lot of challenges with our robots. We went to Intel, and got to learn about what they do, and we also got to do an activity with robotics, and another activity with building an electric circuit.”

We also played with robots during the Intel fieldtrip. A few representatives from Oregon Robotics Tournament and Outreach Program (ORTOP) gave us a presentation on what First Lego League and FIRST Tech Challenge are and the fun competitions to get involved in! Radia Perlman, the mother of the internet, humorously presented on her experiences of how she came to be a computer scientist, author, and employee at Intel. Campers gained a lot of insight and advice on future plans from listening to Dr. Perlman and talking to female engineers during lunch.


This page represents the activities for the 2012 Camp. Each year of camp will be unique. Expect to make new friends and be amaxed each day with new learning.
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