the camp

2012 opening banquet

The first event we have is the opening banquet on Sunday, June 19, starting at 5pm. The banquet will be held in Washburne Hall / University Center (see map, parking available on Cedar Street). The main purpose of the banquet is to meet you and your families.

team building string game


Sunday, June 17, 2012

4:45pm: Registration
5:15pm: Welcome and Introductions (Shereen)
5:30pm: Overview of the Camp (Juliet)
• Trimet
• Meals
• Field Trips
• Overnight Coast Trip
5:45pm: Split into Two Groups
• Students: Teambuilding (Maria, Anika)
• Parents: Q&A and Surveys
6:10pm: Dinner on Patio
6:30pm: Group Challenge
7:00pm: Closing Remarks
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