Project Overview

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Girls Gather for Computer Science (G2CS) is a comprehensive and innovative program designed to introduce 7th- and 8th-grade girls to computer science (CS) and to excite them about the field's many career opportunities by providing them positive role models and hands on experience. G2CS was created in partnership between Pacific University and Oregon Public Broadcasting.The camp and field trips are run by female computer scientists, engineers, and others, G2CS starts with a four-week summer camp with full days of hands-on activities, socializing, and field trips to see women working in software development, digital media design, biotechnology, and more. G2CS is also an online community of campers, teachers, parents, and female CS mentors that will support and sustain girls' interest and success in computer science for ten years following the camp experience. By offering students an engaging, challenging, and exciting environment, away from their typical preoccupations, and by utilizing professional female computer scientists as leaders and instructors, G2CS frees young women to explore the science see themselves as scientists, engineers, mathematicians, and so on.

The goal of G2CS is to increase the number of young women who enter the field of computer science. The approach can serve as a model for other projects that aim to interest students in a variety of STEM fields.


With generous support from the National Science Foundation, the G2CS camp will host 30 girls per summer (2011, 12, and 13) for no charge at Pacific University in Forest Grove, Oregon. However, this is just the beginning! G2CS is a positive model that can be replicated in additional communities, and this web site will be the place where G2CS will share its curriculum, post video profiles of female computer science experts, and offer lessons learned from the camps at Pacific University.

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